Keeping Your Hard Hat in Good Condition According to a Construction Accident Attorney

The construction industry is a highly sought after field to work in because of relatively higher pay, but it comes with its inherent risks. Most notable are head injuries that occur every year, some of which are serious. Fortunately, if you properly maintain your hard hat by using these tips, you can considerably lessen the severity of head injuries from accidents in the workplace.


To remain safe on a construction site, you need to regularly inspect your hard hat to see if it still provides adequate protection. More importantly, conduct a quick check on your hard hat before starting to work. Look for cracks, nicks, and any other visible signs of damage caused by rough treatment, abrasions, or penetration.

You’ll also want to inspect the hat’s suspension for damage, such as frayed or cut straps, loss of pliability, and cracks. If there are any of the aforementioned signs of wear and tear, replace the hard hat. It’s also recommended to replace your hat if its color has faded, because colorful hard hats help improve visibility. Read more from this blog:


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