Medical Advice and Legal Help from a Brain Injury Attorney for Dealing with Bus Accidents

Useful Medical and Brain Injury Attorney Advice for Bus Accidents

Public transportation has become much more prevalent in the past several decades. Buses, in particular, are widely used by people looking for an economical and quick way of getting around town.

Just like cars and trucks, they can crash and cause serious injuries because of the high number of people inside. If you handle these accidents using the following responses, you can mitigate their effects and improve your chances of recovery.

Medical Response

When a bus gets into an accident, severe and fatal injuries are more common when the bus rolls over. This happens because buses have taller bodies and higher ground clearance, compared to normal sized passenger cars.

In the school busing industry, rollovers are the most common type of bus crashes that may result in severe and fatal injuries. Injuries may affect the neck, shoulders, and back. However, it’s injuries to the head that are often the most severe and difficult to deal with because symptoms may not be present until later. Read more from this blog:


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