How a Lawyer Can Help Tenants Injured Inside Buildings


After sustaining injuries inside a building, a tenant can pursue legal actions against their landlord or the building owner, especially if the latter failed to come up with prerogative steps to protect anyone from suffering bodily harm. Sometimes though, the building owner would not provide you enough compensation to cover hospitalization and other needs. The worst case scenario would be when the landlord refuses to pay anything by claiming that he was not responsible for what happened to you.

You shouldn’t deal with this problem alone. Seek the help of a personal injury lawyer who can help you litigate the owner.

Is the Landlord Liable for Tenant Injuries?

As tenants are obligated to pay lease, landlords have a duty to them as well. They are responsible for properly maintaining common areas, warning residents or visitors of hidden dangers, and ensuring safe dwellings for his tenants. Landlords can only be held liable for injuries sustained within the premises they rent out due to their negligence. Subsequently, their negligence must be proven to have directly caused these injuries. Read more from this blog:


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