Defective Products and When You Need Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Clients Talk to Personal Injury Lawyers After Products Bought Exploded

Eighteen-year-old Devon Johnson from Thousand Oaks, California was charging his laptop in a restaurant, when smoke came out from one side before turning into a “fireball.” Dell investigated the matter and learned that the battery was not an original from the company.

Since some smartphones and laptops with lithium-ion batteries had exploded or caught fire, awareness of California laws on defective products can help you handle these scenarios, while personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can assist you if you’ve suffered from similar incidents.

California Statute of Limitations for Faulty Products Causing Personal Injury

Products that cause personal injuries to people and their properties are common in America. These defective products can include food with bacteria, improperly designed devices, or any commodity that does not fit safety measures. Whatever the causes of these problems are, California has a statute of limitations that requires injured parties to bring their allegations to courts within a specific timeframe. Read more drom this blog:


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