Worried about a Construction Accident? A Lawyer Offers Some Practical Advice

As a construction worker, you may think your chances of needing a construction accident lawyer are miniscule. Perhaps you believe there is no chance of needing one. Even if you end up needing one, you might regard it as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Unfortunately, statistics show it’s not a necessarily rare event. In fact, some workers may sustain multiple injuries over the course of their working life.

Construction is a dangerous industry in the United States, and workers are wise to prepare themselves accordingly in the event of an accident. Some advice from a construction accident lawyer should help you not only prepare for such an event, but could also prevent it from happening as well.

Pay Attention to the Statistics
One in ten construction workers sustain some kind of on-site injury every year. This potentially means that you can experience multiple injuries over the course of your career for which you are not liable. It’s also estimated that 1 in 200 workers in the construction industry will sustain fatal injuries. If you’re working in a role with such high injury statistics, you should educate yourself on what will happen in the event you should sustain an injury at work.
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