A Personal Injury Attorney Explains the Basics of California’s Animal Bite Law

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Talks Basics on Animal Bites


There are a variety of ways in which a personal injury case might arise. When it comes to these claims, you might immediately picture life-threatening injuries incurred from vehicular and workplace accidents. Did you know, however, that you may claim for compensation after sustaining injuries caused by dog bites?

According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, California has the highest total dog bite injury claims in the country with insurance companies paying a total of $64.7 million to plaintiffs. Even the U.S. Postal Services counted 80 out of the 200 dog bite attacks involving their Los Angeles employees in the previous year alone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that one in every 5 five animal bite cases become infected with bacteria such as those that exhibit symptoms of rabies and tetanus. This is compounded by the fact that most dog bite-related hospital visits cost 50% higher than any other personal injury-related case. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2roZq1P


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