The Leading Causes of Wrongful Death Cases, According to an Attorney

Wrongful Death Attorney Names the Major Causes for Claims in the U.S.


Not all accidental deaths can be pegged as wrongful. Particular conditions are required before the court can decide in your favor. An attorney notes that proof of irresponsibility on the part of another person or entity is required before the event can be ruled a wrongful death.

The pecuniary suffering of surviving family members can be defined as loss of support, services, and a diminished prospect of inheritance for the surviving loved ones. To determine the pecuniary loss, the court must consider several factors such as age, earning capacity, life expectancy, and overall health of the victim.

It might seem simple, but the actual determination is quite challenging. For example, if the victim is an adult wage earner with two young dependents, the pecuniary loss must be calculated to include not only the loss of income, but the more intangible parental guidance. Read more from this blog.


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