Signs of Bad Faith Insurance Practices and How a Los Angeles Attorney Will Help You

Bad faith insurance practices can seriously block your claim to sufficient and timely insurance coverage. Bad faith refers to activities wherein an insurer violates the covenant of good faith due to insufficient investigation of its client’s claim and denial of proper coverage payment.

California law states that an insurer defies the duty of good faith by refusing to pay for losses under policy coverage without establishing the soundness of the decision. If you’re filing for insurance claims, here are the signs of bad faith insurance practices and the role of lawyers in responding to them, according to a Los Angeles attorney.

Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices

Different kinds of conduct can reflect bad faith, including deceptive practices and fraudulent misrepresentation, which seeks to prevent paying claims. In this case, the insurer may be deliberately misinterpreting records or policy language to deny coverage. Read more from this article:


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